ALG History

Accuracy: it's what's kept ALG at the forefront of the automotive industry for 50 years


United States operations are established.

Oldsmobile dealer Jim Aiken develops the concept of automotive leasing for his dealership, and begins publishing residual values when banks refuse to carry automotive leases on their books.


Security Pacific Bank embraces auto leasing.

Security Pacific is the first bank to offer auto leasing, allowing more consumers to step up to new vehicles. Its residual values are provided by ALG.


Canadian operations are established.

ALG begins publishing residual values for the Canadian market, with its unique characteristics demanding a customized approach.


GM begins offering leases.

General Motors becomes the first automaker to offer leases, with its residuals provided by ALG. Other automakers quickly notice GM’s success which, combined with more favorable tax laws, leads to a leasing boom.


Residual Risk Analysis process introduced.

To help vehicle portfolio managers assess the asset risk of their portfolios, ALG begins to run Residual Risk Analysis, which helps them to approach the asset-backed securities market.


WebALG is introduced.

ALG’s online desking and lease calculator tool is launched, which would eventually become the industry’s leading desking tool.


Inaugural Residual Value Awards launched.

Recognizing the link between residual values and brand strength, ALG begins honoring the brands and vehicles forecasted to retain the highest portion of their original price within their competitive sets.


Consulting Group established.

With automakers understanding the importance of strong residual values to their bottom lines, ALG establishes the Consulting Group to help guide their strategies and improve their used market retention.


Fleet tool is introduced.

ALG introduces a proprietary application to help fleet managers make better decisions regarding their vehicle purchases and remarketing.


ALG is acquired by DealerTrack.

Dealership services and credit portal DealerTrack sees synergies with ALG’s business and links with major auto manufacturers.


ALG begins measuring quality perceptions.

With the strong link between perceived quality and retained value, ALG begins to measure perceptions directly with its Automotive Consumer Attitudes Survey.


Inaugural Canadian Residual Value Awards launched.

ALG Canada begins to confer awards within unique Canadian market, with Mainstream awards based on 48-month term and Luxury based on 36 months. Most awards are given to different vehicles/brands from US.


ALG is acquired by TrueCar.

Growing automotive brand, which helps bring transparency to the car buying process, recognizes the strength of the ALG name and its powerful forecasting analytics.


ALG introduces upgraded forecasting algorithm.

Following a thorough review of the post-recession economy, ALG upgrades its model with major advancements to analytical tools and improved forecasting accuracy.

ALG partners with Strategic Vision on Brand Perception of Quality.

Drawing upon the auto industry and customer psychographic expertise of Strategic Vision, ALG improves upon its perceived quality metric with a larger data set and distinctions between owners and non-owners.

ALG switches to digital-only format for residuals

Recognizing the changing usage patterns of its clients, ALG prints its last physical guidebook, switching over entirely to digital files.