ALG's leadership team

Larry BW

Larry Dominique, President

A 30-year veteran of the automotive industry, Larry Dominique currently serves as President of ALG. Mr. Dominique brings an extensive blend of management experience, product knowledge and a unique...

Eric BW

Eric Lyman, Vice President, Editorial and Consulting

Eric has spent more than a decade helping the industry understand how market dynamics impact their product, branding and fleet...

Oliver BW

Oliver Strauss, Vice President, Forecasting and Consulting Analytics

Understanding how the global marketplace impacts vehicle values is core to ALG’s residual forecast, and Oliver’s leading analytical model helps keep ALG...

Ellis BW

Jeremy Ellis, Vice President, Technology

As Vice President of Technology, Jeremy’s leads the team responsible for all software engineering, data warehousing and implementation of ALG’s...

Kopf BW

Randall Kopf, Senior Director, Product Management

In his role leading the Product team, Randall is responsible for leading the team that plans, defines and builds the products and services offered by ALG...


Betsy Wise, Senior Director, Business Strategy

Bringing nearly 20 years of finance and sales operations experience to the executive team, Betsy leads ALG’s financial operations and business...

Coop BW

Mike Cooperman, Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Mike is an automotive industry veteran, having worked with industry executives to help improve product, process, messaging and customer experience...

Geoff BW

Geoff Helby, Regional Director, Canada

Geoff leads the Canadian arm of ALG, including the strategic direction and delivery of ALG’s residual value information and portfolio risk analysis tools to both OEMs and financial...

Marilynn BW

Marilynn Youngs, Director of Industry Solutions - East Coast

MarilynnAn accomplished automotive industry veteran, Marilynn Youngs, Director of Industry Solutions, works with East Coast OEMs and strategic...