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With the most comprehensive information in the industry continually flowing into ALG, we are in a unique position to help you understand what’s going on in the marketplace.  With continual refinement of our proprietary models, we separate the signals from the noise to help you make the most informed decisions.

Explore a few of our latest thoughts and see what makes ALG the most trusted data resource in the automotive industry.


ALG Blog

Commentary on vehicles, industry news, value setting and more from ALG staff. Updated frequently.


Industry Report

Our award-winning bi-monthly update on the state of the industry, wholesale market, economic drivers and valuation forecasts.


Residual Value Awards – US and Canada

Our yearly awards for excellence in forecasted value retention- aka Residual Value.  ALG awards the top competitor in 22 vehicle segments and two brand categories.


Brand Metrics

Measurements of the health of each brand from multiple angles.


Depreciation Ratings

A quick reference guide illustrating which vehicles have the strongest and most consistent residual value forecast.


Case Studies

Let our experience guide your way in the marketplace- take a look at what ALG has done for some key industry players in one of our Case Studies.


Press Releases

View recent press releases about important ALG and industry events.