Perceived Quality Study

What consumers really think

Perception is a powerful force in consumer buying behavior. Consumers often base their beliefs about quality on the emotional connection they have with a brand, regardless of the actual quality. Alternatively, a brand that experiences an instance of bad publicity may take years to shake off the negative effects, even if the actual quality is good. Automobile brands are no different.

Those beliefs, right or wrong, impact the future value of vehicles.

That’s why ALG measures those consumer attitudes through our Perceived Quality Study (PQS), a semiannual consumer survey of perceived automobile brand quality. PQS gauges current perceptions of mainstream, luxury and alternative fuel brands in order to understand future consumer attitudes and trends.

PQS is one of the metrics ALG examines in calculating our industry benchmark residual values, helping companies and consumers understand the future value of their vehicles.

Download our most recent Perceived Quality Study here.