Thought Reports: Ford’s Shift in Strategy

Executive Summary

Ford’s announcement to slash their car lineup sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry. Although shocking, consumer demand has been dictating this trend since 2015. SUVs and trucks have dominated sales lately, so is Ford’s decision the right one?

As the forecasting division of TrueCar, ALG takes a closer look at Ford’s decision. Ford hopes to not repeat the same mistakes it did in 2008-2009 by not having the right vehicles for consumers when they want them. Ford is doubling down on trucks and SUVs while also adding hybrid and EVs vehicles. ALG will analyze Ford’s current BPS-N scores within their segments, at the sector level, as well as forecast the impact of a car model lineup with only the Mustang.

Also included is an analysis on Ford’s anchors and oars within its car lineup as well as the industry’s MPG by segment and how SUVs and trucks will be impacted. Ford’s calculated decision is a risky move. With many nameplates being eliminated, this Thought Piece will analyze the impact of that decision and forecast a Ford brand that will reflect a market hungry for SUVs and trucks.

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