Residual Values

The Industry Leader in Residual Value Forecasting

When one point of residual value can mean a billion dollars to the industry, you need the most accurate, timely residual values available.  ALG delivers Residual Values to the top players in the industry through a variety of formats.  Start leveraging ALG values today and drive your company to new heights.

 The world’s most accurate vehicle value forecasts.


Product Family

ALG offers everything you need to leverage leasing to grow your business.  Manufacturers, Finance Companies, Dealers, Industry Sources and Software Companies all receive Residual Values in a variety of formats to fit their business.

Residual Value Viewer

Access a world of residual values from your web browser with Residual Value Viewer.  No software to install and always updated with current values, Residual Value Viewer lets you focus on your business with the information you need to write leases and compare vehicle value forecasts.

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Residual Value Workbench

Understand contenting, pricing and residual movements with the most advanced tools available in the industry.  Residual Value Workbench provides users unprecedented transparency into what changes are happening in the market and how those effect vehicles and competitive sets.

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Residual Value Data

Integrate ALG Residual Values into your proprietary systems and applications for comparison, desking, advertising, deal structuring and more with Residual Value Data Files and APIs.

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Expedited Launch Residuals

Launch vehicle residuals into the marketplace quickly to get financing programs in place and sales moving.  Manufacturers use the ELR service to supplement the more than 13,000 vehicle trims set by ALG.

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Custom Analytics

Answer your toughest questions with help from the analytics and data experts.  The ALG team has access to unparalleled data, expertise and insights to tackle your custom project efficiently.

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