Residual Value Workbench

The Most Sophisticated Toolset on the Market.

Expand your knowledge of the marketplace

Residual Value Workbench is an extension of the ALG internal residual setting toolset allowing our closest partners a deeper understanding of the marketplace.  Now you can have the same competitive advantage with access to the deepest analytics and information available in the automotive business.

Explore the world of Residual Value performance.

Grok the Market

Stay ahead of the ever-moving market with access to ALG predictive analytical forecasting.  Understanding the forces driving Residual Values in real-time gives you the superior knowledge needed to thrive.

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Always Fresh

With continuously-updated forecasts available at your fingertips, we’ll help you stay way ahead of the curve.

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Look Into The Past

Discover trends and patterns with access to a full archive of historical residuals, marketplace resale performance and forecast drivers.  Export charts and Excel files to sharpen your analysis and presentations.

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See Into The Future

Interact with proprietary ALG Forecasting models to harness state of the art predictive analytics.  Test and understand the movements of vehicles over time.

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Explore 'What If...' Scenarios

Easily adjust the forecast assumptions to war-game your own scenarios and run stress test on your team’s model. Confidence interval reporting gives you the power of information in your decision making.

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