Financial Institutions

Working With the Biggest Names in Finance

This year, ALG’s editorial staff will review more than five million VINs order to sets the values for nearly 2,500 new vehicle trims. The team will publish residual values on nearly 80,000 vehicles this year. It’s that deep expertise and knowledge of how the world economy impacts the automotive marketplace that make ALG the standard bearer for future vehicle values.  ALG’s advanced product lineup helps financial institutions understand their overall vehicle portfolio, the risk given the current and projected circumstances, and actions they could take to improve.

Custom Residuals

Lenders can benefit from increased distribution of financial program information and leasing by working with ALG to produce Custom Residuals.  First, we provide an Advance Listings copy of our Residual Values.  We then work with lenders to identify opportunities for differentiation and promotion through the creation of their Custom Residuals.  Once we finalize their custom values for vehicle and programs, we distribute the information through leading Desking, Deal Structuring and CRM systems throughout the industry.  Ultimately, more dealers see their programs and more deals come their way- a win/win.

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Residual Risk Analysis (RRA)

As the industry leader in residual value forecasting, ALG is uniquely positioned to help you measure the amount of residual risk exposure in your lease portfolio. By re-projecting the residual values of your vehicles and examining current resale and depreciation metrics, we can offer a new perspective on your portfolio and go-forward approach.

Through a proprietary portfolio analysis, ALG provides our clients with a detailed account of each lease and a summary of your entire portfolio by matching VIN data from your records to our most recent projections.

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