Fleet Managers

Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

This year, ALG’s editorial staff will review more than five million VINs order to sets the values for nearly 2,500 new vehicle trims. The team will publish residual values on nearly 80,000 vehicles this year. It’s that deep expertise and knowledge of how the world economy impacts the automotive marketplace that make ALG the standard bearer for future vehicle values.  ALG’s advanced product lineup helps companies with large fleets of vehicles understand their overall vehicle portfolio, the risk given the current and projected market conditions, and actions they could take to improve.

Fleet Residual Model

From making an intelligent initial purchase, through remarketing and eventual resale strategy, potential pitfalls exist at every point along the curve. The Fleet Residual Model is a unique residual projection model designed for vehicles in commercial and daily rental vehicle fleets. This information drives both and online tool as well as a set of files delivered in a CSV format, allowing fleet managers to make buy and sell decisions for maximum profitability.

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Custom Fleet Analysis

More data covering every vehicle in your fleet, our custom files can be delivered to your inbox or available via FTP every month. Available selections include Canadian data and used values, in addition to more terms, mileages, codes, invoices, and options. This advanced tool is available for firms seeking the most comprehensive approach to fleet management.

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Case Study: Custom Data Analytics

ALG can look at nearly any question our clients can ask, and our custom analytical solutions have provided millions of dollars in value to fleet managers.

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