Better Cars Through Better Data

This year, ALG’s editorial staff will review more than five million VINs order to sets the values for nearly 2,500 new vehicle trims. The team will publish residual values on nearly 80,000 vehicles this year. It’s that deep expertise and knowledge of the automotive products and marketplace that make ALG the standard bearer for future vehicle values.  ALG’s advanced product lineup helps automakers understand not only how their vehicles compare to the competition, but also the key drivers of residual values and how to improve them.

Advance Listings

Delivered six-times each year like our standard residual value data, Advance Listing clients receive access to ALG’s residual values 45-days prior to their effective period. This allows automakers additional time to plan upcoming marketing activities and get a jump on the competition.

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Residual Value Workbench

Which options have the greatest long term value to my vehicles?  How will an increase to gas prices affect this class of asset?  What is the most highly valued vehicle in your competitor’s lineup?  These are just a few of the questions that can be answered in ALG’s Residual Value Workbench (RVW).  This is ALG’s most powerful mechanism for professionals in the vehicle planning, marketing, sales and finance businesses, allowing access to historical information as well as information about the automaker’s current portfolio.

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Product Consulting

ALG works with the major OEMs to ensure that their products are launched and maintained with strategies that will bolster not only the model’s resale retention, but also the manufacturer’s brand. With decades of experience evaluating new products and helping them to find their place in highly competitive segments, ALG can provide insights to marketing and product development clients that can make the difference between an also-ran and a breakthrough vehicle.

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