Technology Firms

Making Your Systems that Much Better

Leading software companies run their businesses on ALG Data in order to have the most timely, solid foundation available.  With automotive data at the core of everything we do, we have a solution that fits your technology needs.

Accurate and Timely 

When you rely on an outside company to provide critical information, it needs to be right and it needs to be now.  ALG works with manufacturers to configures virtually every vehicle in the market before it launches.  With established auto manufacturer and financing relationships, ALG develops a deep understanding of vehicle configuration and valuation in order to bring you just what you need- precise, timely and accurate data to run your business.

Put yourself at a competitive advantage today but utilizing ALG data for your business.

Residual Data Forecasts (RDFs)

An extension of our long-trusted Residual Values Guides, RDFs allow  for incorporation of the most accurate Residual Values in the industry into your proprietary software applications

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Vehicle Descriptor Sets

Available in conjunction with our award winning Residual Values or separately, Vehicle Descriptor Sets allow you to drive applications with a complete picture of available vehicles including configurations, pricing and option adjustments.

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Mapping and VIN Services

Because playing nice with others is a virtue.  We offer comprehensive mapping services to allow our data to be integrated into your Chrome, NADA or other proprietary keyed system no matter what your entry point.

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Typical services for technology and software companies include:

  • Typically Equipped MSRP and Invoice Data
  • Vehicle Descriptor Sets
  • Historical Transaction and Residual Data
  • Vehicle and VIN Mapping
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