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50 Years
of Expertise

For over 50 years, ALG has monitored the pulse of the automotive industry, and constantly tested and refined our proprietary models to ensure more accurate results.

an Efficient Market

We work with clients across the industry for broad and deep insights. In the last year, we marked the values of over 5.5 million unique VINs.

& Objective

ALG forecasts have been within 1% of actual values at the industry level for over 20 years. This is critical because a single point of residual value has a billion dollar impact on the automotive market. ALG’s people, processes, and systems work rigorously to generate accurate forecasts.

What ALG Does

  • Data

    ALG analyzes a wide variety of macro, industry, and market factors to create the industry's benchmark depreciation forecasts.

  • Analytics

    We dive deeply into the questions that impact your business. We pair industry expertise with data visualizations to strengthen your understanding.

  • Insights

    Our clients rely on us for data that results in actionable recommendations. We advise on approximately 40 percent of new vehicle launches in North America.