Thought Report: Opposing Strategic Shifts for 2 Titans

Executive Summary

As the auto industry continues to evolve, manufacturers are forced to make radical shifts in strategy to meet elusive consumer demands. GM have taken the approach of reacting to the current climate and announced that it will discontinue its sedan line up in hopes to align itself with consumers’ demands for more utility vehicles. Conversely, Volkswagen has set its focus to the future and have committed to launch its last internal combustion engine (ICE) platform vehicle by 2025 to focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs).

In this Thought Report, ALG analyses the strategies committed to by two titans of the industry. What are the impacts to GM’s brand metrics by shaving off the excess baggage? Will the market be ready for an all-electric line up from Volkswagen? ALG looks to provide insight surrounding contributing factors of the potential success and pitfalls of these two largely different strategies.

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