What you need, when you need it.

From standard products to full custom solutions, ALG has the answer to your question.  We continually track the current and future value of vehicles and options for virtually every vehicle in the industry to provide you with the most comprehensive valuation picture no matter what your pursuit.  Explore the world of ALG or contact us today for help in finding your solution.

Residual Values

When one point of residual value can mean a billion dollars to the industry, you need the most accurate, timely residual values available.  ALG delivers Residual Values to the top players in the industry through a variety of formats.  Start leveraging ALG values today and drive your company to new heights.

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Portfolio Services

Our Portfolio Services are tailored to the needs of financial institutions. Through a detailed study of return rates and historic market trends, we can help your firm navigate a challenging automotive landscape and maximize the return on your assets.

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During the past year alone, ALG has reviewed more than five million VINs and set the values on more than 13,000 vehicle trims. Knowing the key drivers of successful products, pricing, and packaging is a essential to our world-class ability in forecasting vehicle values.

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